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Review of "Top 5 Lists"

Before camp opened back in late July Nick Eatman gave us several top 5 lists, things for us fans to watch during camp. Well, Nick has now reviewed his lists to see how right or wrong he was.

5 things to monitor before the first practice

Nick's top thing to monitor was Greg Ellis and I have to say I was really surprised that the transition from DE to OLB has worked out so far. Its kind of early, but it looks like it will be successful.

5 draft picks to watch

Nick really whiffed on this one, failing to mention Pat Watkins or Pat McQuistan. Now this McQuistan kid came out of nowhere, but Watkins should have been a slam dunk in my opinion.

5 rookie FA to watch

Nick nailed Sam Hurd but really bombed on Austin, Parham, Summers and Mroz, two of which are cut and the other two will be cut.

5 non-T.O. players to watch

Out of Nick's 5 players, the only one really worth watching was Vanderjagt. The ex-Colt has been something of a disappointment so far which hopefully will change very soon. The other guys, Davis, Adams, JJ and Kosier are all having solid camps.

5 position battles to watch

As Nick points out, the most significant battle in camp has been RT among Colombo, Fabini and Petitti. Right now, it looks like Davis will start at FS with Watkins playing in the nickel, Gurode will beat out Johnson at center, and Johnson will hold off Stanley to back up Ferguson. Crayton, when healthly, has the third WR spot locked up.

5 veterans on the block

Nick nailed 3 out of the 5 here, naming Shanle, Kenyon Coleman and Jason Fabini. I think Singleton and Marcus Coleman are locks.

5 questions to answer

Here we are at the end of camp and none of Nick's top 5 questions can be answered yet. Hard to believe, huh? Go look and see for yourself.

It seems as though Father Time has not caught up with Aaron Glenn yet as he still has the passion and physical ability to matchup with the best wideouts in the game. It looks as though we might have our own version of Darrell Green someday.

 "I've always said when I don't have the passion to cover receivers, then I'm done," Glenn said. "My wife [Devaney] tells me I'm going to play till I'm 60. I don't know. I love to compete. I love to play. I love to be around the guys. That's the one moment I'm going to dread. I'm going to dread the day I'm going to say it's time to stop."

If he keeps playing the way he did last season, so will every Cowboy fan.

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