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Ellis fighting a losing battle

Mickey Spags talks with Greg Ellis about his transition to OLB and how Greg will never win this battle he has with the Cowboys front office in wanting to renegotiate his current contract. After reading the article I am becoming more sympathetic to Greg's position. He's making a severe position change late in his career and wants some form of committment from the Cowboys that they won't cut him if it fails. Here's Mickey's take on the situation.

Now this whole experiment makes a whole lot of sense to me, and probably makes sense to Ellis. It's just that Greg is a known worry-wart. He's a perfectionist, and is worried about change so late in his career. He's also worried about his security, i.e. money. Can't really blame him for that.

But just seems to me Ellis has been too valuable - and is too valuable - for the Cowboys to do something that would waste his talent. After all, the question you must ask yourself, especially those espousing the theory of trading Ellis: Besides Ware, where else are you going to get eight sacks if Ellis isn't here? Come on, who? And, got you any pass-rushing nickel ends for the side opposite Ware?

Spags has got a point. We need Ellis to put pressure on the QB from the strong side so teams don't always double Ware. While I realize he is 31 and feels he might not be able the transition, I don't think Parcells would put him in a position to fail. He has to trust his head coach and everything should work out fine. Ellis just has to accept his new role and keep being the player he has always been.

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