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Cowboys breaking camp in Oxnard

Clarence Hill writes a decent roundup of Cowboys camp as they finish up today. Stealing some of his analysis, I give you the definitive and shorter answers to some of the questions.

Are the Cowboys and T.O. on the same page?
They aren't even in the same book, Terrell likes to write his own. This is always the case with Owens, but he can still be a very productive player on the field. The only way to judge this union is the regular season.

2. Is the offensive line settled?
Almost, the final piece at right tackle will be in place after the New Orleans game. Place your bets on Marc Colombo.

3. How does Greg Ellis' role and mind-set affect the defense?
I like what I've seen from Ellis, but there is still work to be done. Reserve judgment until we see some teams make a concerted effort to attack Ellis with speed players.

4. Who are the team leaders?
Drew Bledsoe, Bradie James and Roy Williams.

5. What's the status at free safety?
Keith Davis will start, Pat Watkins will see a lot of time, especially in nickel situations.

Veterans on the bubble
DE Kenyon Coleman: Traded or cut. Victim of the numbers.

LB Scott Shanle: Traded or cut, doesn't fit into the Cowboys plans anymore.

FB Lousaka Polite: Showed in camp he can be an effective hybrid TE and short yardage back. He'll make the final roster.

S Willie Pile: It's over; he'll be gone after the final cuts.

G Stephen Peterman: Never lived up to potential, a victim of the Turk.

This one is for BTB regular dboysrback, who loves him some Kevin Burnett. From

"The thing I was really concerned about was how my doctor would release me to practice, whether he was going to release me for both practices or one practice a day," Burnett said. "But he said, 'You do what you've got to do to keep your job.'"

And Burnett certainly has a job, though he's not expected to start in the regular defense. The second-year linebacker is playing inside on the nickel defense, which takes up nearly 50 percent of the defensive snaps.

"He's having a good camp so far," Cowboys defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer said. "We've got him playing a few different spots. He shows a lot of ability. He plays the pass well, can stop the run. So he's going to have a pretty big role for us this year."

Agreed. Burnett had a very solid camp, coming out of the gate in the first week as a force to be reckoned with, he should be a contributor this season.

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