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Young wideouts step up

Much has been made this camp about the lack of depth at wide receiver, however, you could never tell that was the case after watching our rookie WR's step up
in last night's game.

Sam Hurd, Jamaica Rector and Miles Austin all contributed to the Cowboys blowout win over the Saints. Both Hurd and Austin caught a TD pass and Rector had some very nice catches. With their performances last night, Jerry Jones might now think twice about making a trade for a WR.

"What I'm excited about is the way that Rector played and Hurd played," Cowboys owner-general manager Jerry Jones said. "It certainly makes you feel good about not breaking my neck to go find me another receiver."

Hopefully, T.O.'s hamstring doesn't become a prolonged problem throughout the season. However, it if does, maybe these youngsters can continue to play well to the point where Parcells wouldn't hesitate using them once the games start to count.

In other news, it looks as though Flozell's leg injury is not serious.

Adam's calf will be rechecked Tuesday for a more conclusive diagnosis, but head coach Bill Parcells said he's not too worried at this time.

"[Flozell's] left calf tightened up so we erred on the side of caution, but I don't think that it's anything that too, too serious," Parcells said after the game.

I don't know about you guys, but when I saw big Flo limping I couldn't help but think the worst. What a huge relief! IMO, this guy holds the key to our season.

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