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Roster implications from last night's game

From Dallas, some interesting quick takes.

The Cowboys had nine players who did not play Monday night, including quarterbacks Drew Henson and Matt Baker, guard Stephen Peterman, wide receiver J.R. Tolver, linebacker Carl-Johan Bjork and tight end Erik Jensen, who were all in uniform. Kicker Mike Vanderjagt and wide receivers Terrell Owens and Patrick Crayton did not play because of injuries.

I think this pretty much confirms that Stephen Peterman is done; he has almost no chance of making the roster. I think we all new J.R. Tolver was gone anyway.

Rookie wide receiver Miles Austin followed up a solid week of practice Monday night by hauling in a 48-yard touchdown on his only catch of the night. But the undrafted rookie from Monmouth also helped his cause on special teams, recording a pair of tackles.

My opinion is that Austin is making a push for the practice squad; he hasn't done enough yet to push for the 53-man roster. Rector will be the guy if they carry 6 WR's, and they will only do that if Parcells is intent on keeping Skyler Green on the team. If it's 5 WR's, then the battle is between Rector and Green.

Rookie linebacker Oliver Hoyte also had two tackles on special teams.

Hoyte is an obvious choice for the practice squad. He's played very well in camp and if the Cowboys weren't so stocked at LB, he would stand a better chance.

After not playing last week with a minor groin injury, linebacker Ryan Fowler was credited with a team-high four tackles, along with a forced fumble on the goal line.

Parcells seems to really like this kid, and he's the backup for Bradie James so I'm almost positive he sticks on the 53-man roster.

Rookie wide receiver Skyler Green continues to get every opportunity to become the team's punt return specialist. With four more returns (37 yards, 9.3 yard average), Green now has retuned every punt for the Cowboys in the first two preseason games. Green did have one kickoff return for just 13 yards. Safety Abram Elam had the only other kick return for 15 yards.

Green isn't showing much so far, but Parcells want him to succeed badly, so he's going to be given every opportunity to make the roster. As of right now, he's fighting with Rector for that spot, it all will depend on how many WR's Parcells keeps.

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