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Key Players for 2006 Season

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JJT of DMN writes an article telling us who the top ten key players are for this upcoming season.

  1. T.O. - This guy needs to get healthy and on the field ASAP as he could be the difference between just being a playoff team and Super Bowl Champions.
  2. Drew Bledsoe - Number 11 is still the man and leader of this team.
  3. Jason Ferguson - He is the key to our 3-4 defense being great.
  4. Terence Newman - Looked like a future all-pro and shut down corner in camp.
  5. Julius Jones - Must be the Cowboys homerun hitter.
  6. Andre Gurode - Will either be the starter of rotate again with Al Johnson. Lack of focus is the issue with Andre.
  7. Bradie James - While Williams, Ware and Newman get the press clippings, James is the heart and soul of the defense.
  8. Mike Vanderjagt - His groin injury presents a major concern for kicking game that killed the Cowboys last season.
  9. DeMarcus Ware - Ready to blossom into superstar status.
  10. Pat Watkins - This kid is the perfect ball hawking complement to hard hitting Roy Williams.
Personally, I would have Flozell Adams front and center on this list. Without him at full strength, we're not going to Miami in February.