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Sam Hurd earning Bledsoe's trust

Sam Hurd is getting some more ink after his performance on Monday night. Check out what he said about his TD celebration.

"It was very exciting, but I don't know what you get a penalty for or what you get fined for, so I didn't want to do too much," Hurd said. "I kept it simple and threw (the ball) back to the ref and got off the field just like I did in college."

I guess Terrell hasn't been tutoring him in that part of the game, and let's hope he never does. Keep doing just like you did in college, Sam. The classy "I've been here before" approach is the way to go. Or if you want to celebrate, I suggest you do it with your teammates.

Sam's teammates believe in him, Bledsoe pays him a nice compliment.

"Sam did a nice job," Bledsoe said. "I told him really that's the greatest compliment I can pay him as a receiver, that I trusted him to go up and get that ball."

Pro Bowl tight end Jason Witten also was impressed.

"To go up and get that ball, not many people can do that," Witten said.

Looks like some of you guys might've been right, while I was being much too conservative in my prediction about when Pat Watkins might start. Watkins started the game against New Orleans at FS, so it will be interesting to see what Parcells has to say about it. Was it just an evaluation to see how he handles making coverage calls with the first team, or was it truly an audition to become the starter to start the season? The DFW S-T takes a look at Watkins vs. a FS who's been shot twice and another one who is going to be suspended for substance abuse.

So even if he did nothing, rookie safety Pat Watkins would keep moving up the depth chart because of things he isn't doing off the field. But Watkins is doing something on the field. Enough that he might begin the season as the team's starting free safety.

Larry Allen returns to Dallas this week. I had kind of forgotten all about that.

``It's just another game, really,'' Allen said Tuesday. ``It is going to be a little strange, but I'm a 49er now.''

He said he hasn't really stayed in touch with anyone from the Cowboys since his departure in late March in a salary-cap move. ``I didn't think it was going to happen,'' Allen said. ``I just think they made a business decision. I counted too much ($7 million) against their cap.''

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