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Maybe a QB contorversy is a good thing

Vic Carucci of offers an interesting take on the whole Bledsoe v Romo hype that has run rampant lately.


...the Dallas Cowboys should feel as good about their quarterbacking situation as they have in a long time:

    * Drew Bledsoe remains effective as a starter, as he demonstrated in the Aug. 21 preseason game against New Orleans.
    * Tony Romo has stepped up his performance to the point where he presents himself as a legitimate challenger for the starting spot.
    * Bledsoe will push himself harder because of Romo's presence.
    * Romo's greater mobility makes him a change-up option should Bledsoe struggle, and the coaches have enough trust to insert him temporarily or -- depending on Bledsoe's performance or health -- as a permanent replacement.
    * Bill Parcells believes in keeping as much pressure as possible on players at all positions, but none more than quarterback. With multiple options for the starting job, he can keep steady heat on Bledsoe and Romo, regardless of who occupies the No. 1 spot.

Now I couldn't agree more with this analysis. The development of Romo I think has certainly pushed Bledsoe to perfrom at a high level. Something tells me that Parcells just might have started this whole qb controversy with Peter King for this very reason, to make sure his 13 year vet is sharp and at the top of his game all season long as he knows if he doesn't play well, Romo is there lurking over his shoulder. If so, what brilliance by Parcells, huh?

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