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Parcells press conference 8/23/06 (Henson out)

Henson will not be on the roster this year. (Wow, kind of a shocker!) Didn't say he was cut, but there are some moving parts. (Maybe a trade?)

Followed with a rant about drafting, evaluating players, quit focusing on those that don't make it, talk about the guys who did make it, etc. Watkins, he looks like he'll be a significant contributor pretty quick, a guy like McQ also, balances out those guy that don't make it. What about Elam, he looks pretty good.

My rule is three years and out [on players], taught to me by Tom Landry.

Owens? my guess is he will not practice. Flozell has a strained calf muscle, didn't bleed out much so it's good, talked to him and he said it won't be very long.

Owens is up on what to do, attentive in meetings and trying to learn, where he is in actually doing it, I don't know. He did, I think have another MRI, don't know the results. Maybe you caould ask Mickey [Spagnola].

SF base defense is a 3-4, but they run players around a lot, so this is a test for our QB's and our offensive line.

Peter King on Romo? I don't respond to that, the internet people stirring things up. I never said that Romo was going to be the starting QB. Trying to use him and see what I got, give Jerry an evaluation, just seeing if I can trust him in a game. He's an improved player. But what did he do in New Orleans? Romo hasn't had a glove on all summer, it's sprinkling the other night, so in his infinite wisdom he puts on a glove. What happened? He fumbled the ball. Oh by the way, they just got a TD because he wanted to put a glove on. That tells me he's a couple of quarts low sometimes. But he's doing well, I'm generally pleased with his progress.

What will happen when Romo gets blasted in the back for the first time? I don't know, but these are the things we need to learn. How does he perform under the pressure? He's getting the sense of the pressure to perform at that position, he just now sensing it. There's a leadership expectation, a practice expectation. I used to tell Simms will you just hit one pass so I can get some sleep tonight.

Crayton took the boot off, get him moving around today. Hopeful it goes well. It might be better, he's feeling pretty good. Hoping to get him a preseason game.

Watkins was an evaluation, but the defense wasn't out there enough. Trying to give him, McQ, Procter, Spears, a lot of time. Don't need to see Keith Davis.

Offensive tackles? They generally did OK. McQ had a few short-circuits. Fabini looked better, Colombo better this time in run-blocking, Petitti looked alright. (Hey, that matches my review pretty well). Probably play Fabini and Colombo in the next game at right tackle.

Have concern for some of the young players against the SF 3-4.

Got a phone call last night, "Coach it's Will". (Willie McGinest). "Happy birthday Coach." He says you got a guy (Ellis). Willie's doing a little coaching from Cleveland.

Don't know if Vandy will kick today. That's bothering me. Hard to set up the roster. No he didn't aggravate antyhing at the game. He just pulled himslef out of the game. Don't know why he did it.

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