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Parcells on fire today; Drew Henson is a goner

Bill Parcells' press conference today was one for the archives. If you haven't listened to it yet, do yourself a favor and head on over to Coach was on fire today, equal parts joking, sarcastic and passing out real football information. I'll try to summarize some of the important details.

1.    Drew Henson is done as a Dallas Cowboy. They didn't waive him, but Coach said he wouldn't be on the roster. He wouldn't discuss it further because he didn't want to jeopardize things, which sounds like code for the fact they are trying to deal him to another team. He wouldn't be specific about whether they would open the season with 2 QB's or may add a veteran presence (Was that Vinny Testaverde's cell phone I just heard ring?)

2.    Scott Shanle has been traded to the Saints for a conditional draft pick. I don't know the details but will update you as soon as I find out.

ESPN says it's for a 4th round pick in 2007.

Hat tip to Deke for the link.

Update [2006-8-23 20:18:23 by Grizz]: Nick Eatman corrects the ESPN story, saying that it's actually a 7th-round pick for Shanle, not a 4th. Sounds right.

3.    Peterman was cut and Cory Procter was the reason. He's just been a better player than Peterman.

4.    Owens probably won't practice today and Flozell is nursing a calf injury, but should be back soon. Patrick Crayton is out of his boot, they are going to try to get him moving today and Parcells hopes that he will be able to get him in the last preseason game.

5.    Says the Peter King comments about Romo and the other "chatterboxes" on the internet (am I included Bill, my dream would be for him to say "like that chatterbox idiot Grizz at Blogging The Boys") will repeat just about anything. He says he never said that Romo is being considered for the starting spot, then went into a hilarious speech about Romo's decision to wear gloves in New Orleans. The best line was his paraphrase of Romo: "they just scored a touchdown because I had to wear gloves". He was referring to Romo's fumble, which might have been the result of him never wearing gloves then deciding to do it in the Monday night game.

6.    Said Willie McGinest called him last night to wish him Happy Birthday and said that he [Parcells] had "found a guy". You can't hear exactly who he said he was talking about but I took it to mean Ellis because of Parcells referring to Ellis as "Willie" in training camp.

7.    Parcells is really miffed with Vanderjagt right now. Said he didn't aggravate anything in the New Orleans warm-ups but just took himself out of the game. He doesn't know why he did it, but it's messing with Parcells ability to set the roster. An obvious implication that he doesn't know if Vandy can kickoff.

This press conference was classic Parcells, as entertaining as any I've heard. What a day at Valley Ranch, the Henson supporters must be in shock right now.

Below is InmanRoshi's recap, check it out by clicking the link below.

Source: CowboysZone

Traded Shanle to the Saints. The following players were waived .. Peterman, Butler, Jansen, Saldi and Drew Henson will not be on our roster this year. He hasn't been waived, but he won't be on our team.

He just didn't show me enough.

Are you trying to trade him?
I can't discuss what we're doing. I will tell you he won't be on our roster. That's all you need to know.

What about the cap number?
I won't keep players that I don't think can play.

I can't talk about his situation.

We tried very diligiently with this guy, but I can't comment much because this is a limbo situation and there are some moving parts here.

What about #3 QB? Keeping Baker?
We'll see. We might bring in a veteran. Maybe go with 2 QB's.

He was just beat out by Proctor. He's a good kid that works hard and is tough, but I just think Proctor is better.

Rogers and Peterman taken together in the same draft?
When you start talking about draft classes, keep in mind that this is all about talent acquisition. We got Proctor for nothing. I just think he's a better player.

What about high draft picks not panning out.
Lemme tell you something fellas, that doesn't effect me one way or another. The bottom line is aquiring talent. We got Folwer for nothing. Crayton for a 7th round pick. Jacque Reeves for a 7th round pick. You're only right on about half of your draft choices. If you can find other guys that can play cheaper, it all balances out.

What about the 3rd round picks?
Do you want me to just keep guys around who won't play, or should I cut my losses. All you draft gurus, go look at everyone's drafts 5 years ago and see where those guys are.

Are OL tougher to predict?
Yes and no. Yes in that you see some guys who look like they can come out at a very high level right away. No in that you have developmental guys. Guys like Proctor who may not look like much right away, but who you can't get out of the weight room. They have to be self motivated guys who are intelligent. If they are those things, they have a chance.

Is it fair to say that a first day pick should come in and start?
No. Not any more fair than saying a 6th or 7th rounder should be something. What you hope is that somewhere in your draft you found players who can play for you somewhere along the line. Take Watkins. We didn't get him until the 5th round, but he could be a significant contributor .. so that balances out. Or if McQuinstan reaches his potential, those balance out a guy who doesn't meet expectations. How about Elam? Where did we get him? I give these guys 3 years. That's my rules. Landry taught me that.

Henson looked good in the scrimmage, why didn't he carry that over?
I don't want to talk about it. When this whole thing is over we'll have a long discussion about it. I'm not going to jeopardize what we got going here .

He won't practice today. Flozell has a strained calf muscle, he didn't get kicked like we thought. But it didn't bleed out much. But he told me he didn't see this taking very long.

Do you think he'll play on Saturday?
If he's able to. I won't play him just to play him.

How far does this set Owens setback?
Nothing I can do about it.

How he's doing in the offense?
I think he's up on what to do and has been attentative in the meetings, but where he is in actually doing it is hard to determine.

If TO doesn't play in the preseason, where does he stand for the opener?
I need to see something. I wouldn't put him out there if I've never seen him practice. That would be crazy. Don't pin me down on anything, I might change my mind.

Did he have another MRI?
Yes, but I don't know the results. Talk to Mickey.

Some teams go back and forth on the importance of these preseason games, where do you stand?
Look back on my history, and you would know.

Do you think he'll be out of practice for an extended period?
I don't know. My job is to get my team ready for Jacksonville.

Will this week be your dress rehersal?
Well, we run into a problem this week. This is the only week of this preseason that we don't play against the same defense that we'll see in the regular season. Mike Nolan is a 3-4 guy, and they do a lot of stuff. So this will be a task for our QB and our OL, and we don't have a lot of time to get ready for it. So I think we'll have a few problems here.

Peter King said Romo could be the starter?
I don't respond to what these people say, because that's how you guys make a living. Somebody reports something, then you ask the parties about it whether its true or not. Did I ever say that Romo is going to be the starting QB? What did I tell you about him? I told you I was going to evaluate him to give Jerry my opinion of him, and to look if maybe I can use him if I need to in a game this year.

What do you think of Romo?
I think he's improved and more game ready. But you want to know what I'm dealing with here? Romo hasn't had a glove on all summer, so now its like sprinkling and decides to put a glove on. Well, he puts a glove on and he fumbles. That may seem like a small deal to you. "Oh, I haven't been practicing with a glove, but I think I'll put it on. Oh look, I just fumbled and gave the other team a touchdown". I don't mind if my QB's wear gloves, but they better practice with them some if they're going to use them.

What does that tell you about him?
That he's a couple of quarts low sometimes. Don't worry, we're on him. But, I'm generally happy with what I've seen.

George Young said you can't stop progress. Does that play here with Bledsoe and Romo?
No. If the day ever comes that I'm committed to Romo, the first place I would go would be Bledsoe. I owe him that. We're not at that day right now, but I am happy with his progress and I think most of you can see why. But what will happen to Romo the first time he gets blasted from behind when he doesn't see the rush coming? Nobody knows. This is what you got to find out abot these players .. can they take the day to day? Romo is just now starting to learn the pressure about practicing at a high level every day. I threw him back to the scout team the other day. This is just part of the development process. He's a bright guy, but he's just now getting a sense of the sense of the pressure of what it takes at that position. Now, I think he likes it, but there are things he's just finding out that he's never even considered before. There is a day to day expectation for your QB. Ask Babe, he can tell you about it. A leadership expectation. A practice expectation. If your QB is lousy, your team can't even practice. I used to tell Simms "Can you please hit a pass today so we can get ready for the game?".

How can you go with just 2 QB's?
Well, Crayton was a QB. Skyler was a QB. That's what I'll do. Skyler will look good out there trying to look over Henderson and Stroud.

Took the boot off, and we'll get him moving around today. We hope it will go well. We thought it wasn't going to be bad, then it looked like it will be worse, then it looks good again.
He's feeling pretty good. I thnk I'll get him at least 1 preseason game for him.

Watkins starting?
I just wanted to see him, but the defense didn't even play enough. I have to look at these guys. McQuinstan, Proctor, Watkins, Spears. Some guys I don't need to see that much. Like Keith.

Do you expect the same division of game snaps between Romo and Bledsoe as last week?
Yeah, I think it will be the same. If I get Romo some time with the first team, its not because I'm thinking about staring him its because I want to look at him against veteran players.

First year players on Monday?
McQuinstan had a few mistakes, but overall I thought he played better than last week. Fabini played alright. Colombo improved in the running game well. Pettiti did okay when he was in there.

Do you trust McQuinstan in a game?
No, but he's got a of ability Brad. I don't know what he's made of, yet. But he has all the skills to do it.

RT situation right now?
I think Ill play Fabini and Colombo this game again. I kind of have an idea what I'm going to do there, but I don't want to say now.

Why didn't you put Pettiti in there when Flozell went out?
Because I wanted to look at McQuinstan. I saw Pettiti for 16 games last year.

What does SF do on defense.
3-4 on base, and 3-3 on nickel. I'm not worried about Bledsoe, but I worry about rookies and guys like Thompson and Fasano.

Did you get enough defensive snaps to evaluate Ellis.
No, but I got an interesting phone call last night. 10:30 phone rang, "Coach its Will". Its Willie McGinnest calling. He says "You got a guy huh?". He's talking about Ellis. Its pretty interesting. He's been watching. Then he told me some defenses to call to give him some confidence.

Simms said sometimes you set a team up to struggle in preseason so you could coach them up a little bit.
There isn't much you can do about your defense, unless you just purposely call a bad defense to make them stink. I think I know what Simms is talking about. Simms one time came over to me on the sidelines and said "Are we even trying to win this game?" because he thought the playcalling was a little fudgy.

Are you worried about the team being overconfident based on preseason?
No. I did tell them some things that I think are important in the game today, and one of those things is listen to only people in this lockerroom, because we'll tell you the truth. Other people will tell you what you want to hear. I put journalists in the chatterbox category. It's a term of endearment.

I don't know. Its bothering me. I havne't seen him kick all camp, and it figures into my plans as to who I can keep on the roster. He didn't reaggrevate anything, he just pulled himself out of the game. I guess he thought he would do something to himself if he tried to kick.

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