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Kornheiser impressed with Cowboys

Check out this article written by Tony Kornheiser who is one of the new guys in the MNF booth for ESPN. After covering the game for ESPN Monday, here's his take on our 'Boys.

And I don't want to get too sportsy on you, but those Dallas Cowboys looked awfully good. They've got a No. 1 running back in Julius Jones. Terry Glenn, she can play. She had a touchdown catch that was Randy Moss highlight worthy. Drew Bledsoe looked really good and behind him Tony Romo looked really good. And that's a stunner because I thought all Tony Romo did was ribs! And their defense smothered the Saints, who with Drew Brees and Reggie Bush were supposed to be so suddenly dynamic on offense. The Saints certainly are everyone's feel-good team this year, but the Cowboys trifled with them. At this point Redskins fans have to be hoping that when T.O. finally actually plays for the Cowboys he somehow detonates them. Because if T.O. plays like he can, without incident, those Cowboys can be massive.

It looks like Kornheiser is going to be another comedian in the booth like Dennis Miller, and we all know how that experiment turned out.

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