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Parcells press conference 8/24/06

WR Damarius Bilbo added from Arizona camp. LeShaun Ward hurt, so we needed receivers. (I know about Bilbo, he played at Georgia Tech. He was originally a QB and played some games at QB, but was moved to WR later. He is a big kid with great natural athletic ability and a cannon arm, but extremely raw as a receiver).

No real reply on Owens situation.

Sam Hurd is making progress, it's going to be close, not sure how this will fall out. We need some experience, but he's improving, we'll see.

Flozell's making improvement, but not sure if he will play Saturday. McQ and Petitti will play LT, McQ has been running with the 1st team in practice.

OK with the running game. Don't look at the numbers, Saints put 8 in the box and blitzed the weak safety a lot, but it cost them, we had 150 yds passing in the first quarter. (Not to brag, but that's exactly what I wrote in reviewing that game.)

MB3 still be the 3rd down back. There's still time to make Tyson the change up back. He did OK in kickoff return, but the kicker tackled him 3 times last year. But I can tell you he's going to be on kickoffs returns.

The Saints were 8 up (in the box) a lot of the time, if you can protect against that, you can throw the ball against it every time.

I know the role I want Oliver Hoyte in and talked to him about what I want him to work on, and we started on it yesterday. Good kickoff cover guy, but I want him better in return game (special temas), work on his technique, that would be of help.

I'm seeing some progress with Carpenter, worked with him for 20 minutes this morning. Putting a little head coach emphasis on things. He's had a little problem, he recognizes the plays at him, but when they cut-back he needs to have the technique to get back to the ball. We call that having some tools, he played on the outside a lot in college, only played inside on the nickel in college. Just making him aware of the consequences.

Hoyte has a lot of that natural stuff, he's got experience on the inside.

Moved Carpenter inside because of Ellis' development outside.

We traded a pretty good footbal player (Scott Shanle) to New Orleans, he's going to help them. He has a role in this league.

I wanted to get bigger at the left or strong side LB. Drafted Carpenter, he was at 258 and Ellis is in the 270's.

Vandy didn't kick today. I am concerned. I haven't seen him kick much at all. I'm hopeful he could get some kicks in preseason, I would like to see him kickoff. Suisham can kickoff. Of course I would rather not have a kickoff specialist. Unless  I see him kickoff, I can't decide in his (Vandy's) favor.

Suisham is a better kicker this year than last, the other kid (Fredrickson) can kick too, and he can punt. He's not quite as good as McBriar, but he'll punt some in this next game.

Copper, and Nate Jones, are consistent playeres, I know what I got. Rector has improved as a player, he does have some quickness, he's in the mix. I haven't made up my mind on how this WR thing is going to work out. Practicing Hurd on special teams, but he's running around lost, he's willing, but he tackled Nate Jones the other day, he's supposed to block the other team, and he blocked Jones.

Crayton needs to get back in, if I had two weeks with him, that would be good. He's a guy who needs a little more time to get back his feel for the game.

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