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WR competition a good one

Nick Eatman, who hands down is the best going right now on the Cowboys beat, because he refuses to deal in rumor and hyperbole, instead dishing out facts and reasonable opinion. So it was good to see him dig into the WR issue, weaving together Parcells quotes with information on the long list of receiver candidates.

With training camp completed, two games to play here in the preseason and still 2 ½ weeks before the start of the regular season, this usually is the time of year when head coaches are answering all the questions about their team.

While Bill Parcells might have a good idea about many other positions, he still admits he has no clue how things will shake out with his wide receivers.

Better to have a good competition going then just putting a guy on the roster because no one else is worthy of the job.

Brad Sham takes a shot at some of the Cowboys major issues. I found this one interesting concerning Terrell Owens.

And the media is pushing this stick in Parcells' eye. Understand this: Consciously or not, many media, local and national, want a confrontation between Owens and Parcells. They want it because it makes a delicious, provocative, explosive story and it's what columnists, talk-show hosts and bloggers do.

Hey, I take offense there. This is one blogger who's done his best to calm the waters. Sham has some interesting ideas about the kicking situation.

Completely ignored throughout all this has been Shaun Suisham, who has looked like a different kicker from a year ago. Suisham now looks like a guy you might not want to cut. Except: Parcells is growing a fascination for free-agent Tyler Frederickson, who he said Thursday will handle much of the punting against the 49ers Saturday night. Why? Because Parcells wants to know if he has an option of keeping Frederickson to punt and kick off, which would allow him to keep just three specialists (with long snapper L.P. Ladouceur) instead of four. This would force punter Mat McBriar out. It's a scenario which Parcells is actively considering.

Now that would be the most unexpected move of the camp. Suisham handles the FG's and Fredrickson is the new punter and kickoff specialist? Interesting, but I doubt it has any chance of becoming reality. But it certainly would be a creative answer to the problem.

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