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SB Nation adds a new blog for the Broncos

I'd like to intoduce you guys the latest NFL blog on SB Nation, covering the Denver Broncos, Mile High Report. Personally, I would've gone with Mile High Club as the name, but that's another story. Anyway, stop on by and give them a welcome from BTB. The Sports Guru is the blogger and the Broncos are his game; don't forget to tell him we really didn't appreciate that Thanksgiving Day game last year, but we don't hold him personally responsible. Also, maybe he can give us the scoop on Denver RB's in fantasy football, it seems like every year someone new is toting the rock for those guys.

While I'm at it, you might want to take a look at the SB Nation blogroll on the right-hand side, we've added a lot of new blogs over the last few months. And not just NFL blogs, but blogs for all the other major sports, including quite a few college sports blogs. Just added this month is a new blog for my alma mater, Georgia Tech, called the Ramblin Racket. Also the alma mater of the latest Cowboy and friend of Gandalf, Damarius Bilbo. Maybe we could sign Aragorn, he has mad coverage skills and is not too bad on punt returns.

SB Nation has you covered for all the major league baseball franchises, so help make this your one stop shop for sports blogs.

Plus, we have the new Deadskins blog run by Skin Patrol, so you should stop by Hog Haven and give them the business, but don't be a troll. We really got to get payback on those guys in Week 2 this year, beacuse Skin Patrol and I are going to make a bet on the outcome of that game, and I don't want to have to shave my head and get a hog tattoo on my bald dome, or something similar. Especially now that they are talking smack because they finally beat us last year after losing like 200 in a row to the Cowboys.

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