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Cowboys to honor Dat Nguyen Saturday night

The Cowboys organization pulls a class move in deciding to honor Dat Nguyen at halftime of the San Francisco game tomorrow night. Parcells went from a non-believer to an impassioned supporter of the diminutive LB who helped to anchor the Cowboys defense for most of the last decade.

Dat Nguyen is enjoying retirement after a seven-year run with the Cowboys, but the team will honor the linebacker with a ceremony at halftime of Saturday's game against San Francisco.

A former third-round pick, Nguyen was always considered too small to play in the NFL but developed into one of the leaders of the Cowboys defense. Neck and knee injuries ended his season and ultimately his career last season.

Bill Parcells, who loves big players, paid Nguyen a complement once by calling him a "football playing dude."

Lenny P. says (sub. req.) what the local press could not, that Drew Henson was just not performing well. I guess I can stop my rants now.

The problems with Henson seem at least two-fold: First, his arm strength isn't nearly as good as advertised. Second, he plays tentatively, holds the ball too long, and isn't a quick decision-maker. Watching him during the NFL Europe League training camp in February, it was obvious the ball just doesn't come out quickly enough and that his mind is too cluttered. It seemed to be the classic case of a player who has been over-coached and whose game was too programmed.

The DFW S-T drops a bombshell on us, the Cowboys will be using two backs to tote the rock this year. What? You'd already heard that? Never mind.

"I think we're going to do what we did last year as far as the reps," [Julius] Jones said. "I think whoever the hot back is or has the hot hand, then we're going to leave him in there. It's my job to produce, or I'm not going to be playing."

Tom Orsborn gets into the act of bashing Parcells over the recent success (or non-success) in drafting offensive linemen.

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