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New DCFanatic Radio Show featuring Grizz

DCFanatic has posted his new radio show for the week, and this time I'm the last guest on the show. I prefer to think of it as being the closer. I'll be doing his show once a week (maybe more during the season) and I've added a permanent link to the show in the left-hand navigation bar. It replaces the training camp schedule, since we don't need that anymore.

When you click on the link the show should automatically load (after a little bit of time to buffer) so have your sound adjusted. I'll update the link each time a new show is posted, so all you have to do is go over to the left-hand side and click the link to load the new show. Also, if you want the pause/play and the slider controls to move ahead in the show, you should use IE instead of Firefox. (I know, bummer for us Firefox users, but I haven't figured out how to make the controls show up in Firefox yet).

In this week's show I talk about the Drew Henson news, the WR situation on the roster, and have a little bit on Tyson Thompson and the so-called QB controversy.

Each week, I'll put up a post like this to remind you guys about the show, and give you the link to auto-load the broadcast. Click here to load this week's broadcast. Also, you can visit DCFanatic's website, here. But you can always listen to the latest version by using the link on the left-hand side of this blog.

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