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49ers @ Cowboys Open Thread (preseason)

San Francisco 49ers @ Dallas Cowboys
Saturday, August 26th, 2006
8:00 EST, TV: Local stations; replay on the NFL Network at 3 AM and 4 PM Sunday
Irving, TX - Texas Stadium

Internet radio: The Ticket or alternatively WOAI

This is an open thread for real-time game chat.

What's up guys? You know the drill, sign-in so we know you're here and let's us know what your looking for tonight. Anybody who is lucky enough to be watching the game on TV should be kind enough to provide us details on big plays.

Update [2006-8-26 20:4:20 by Grizz]: You can watch the game online for free. I'm doing it right now! Go to this website, download the software and tune to CBS (low). It's the broadcast out of San Francisco. The quality is a little sketchy, but you can see the game.

Update [2006-8-26 21:24:51 by Grizz]: Well, the only thing that didn't go right for Dallas was Suisham missing the FG at the end of the half. The offensive line looks great, opening big holes and giving solid protection to Drew. JJ and MB3 both look great running the ball, Terry Glenn has a TD and caught another long bomb. Jamaica Rector got the start over Sam Hurd and has taken full advantage, making quite a few catches. McQ and Colombo started at the tackles spot and have done well, Colombo has gotten some good run blocks, as have Gurode and Kosier. And Marco Rivera was 30-yards downfield on a screen pass!

Half-time score Dallas 17 - SF 0.

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