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Cowboys article roundup

I'm waiting for the Parcells press conference this afternoon, where I want to hear about the 49ers game and possibly pick up some hints on the roster situation. More likely, though, I'll have to wade through the muck of Terrell Owens' questions, especially about the fines for missing meetings. I'll grant that missing the meetings and rehab assignments count as news, unlike the constant bombardment of questions about his injury and when Parcells expects him back on the field. But all the questions will likely get little response from the Tuna, so ask them quick and get them out of the way, so I can hear about the guys who are actually playing.

For those wanting to read more about the Owens Saga, go here, here, and here.

Mac Engel believes that Marc Colombo will be the starting RT.

For the fourth time in as many seasons it appears the Cowboys will have a new starting right tackle. Marc Colombo started Saturday's preseason victory against the 49ers and now looks to have the inside track on the job.

"Yeah, it is a good sign. It's a great sign," Colombo said about the start. "It means a lot to me. I got another chance against a first team and a lot of reps. It's a chance to keep getting better and playing."

The competition technically remains between Colombo, veteran free-agent acquisition Jason Fabini and incumbent Rob Petitti. But the signs point to Colombo, whom the Cowboys picked up off waivers in November, as the starter.

As I've written, I also think Colombo will be the starter on Sept. 10th.

This was from yesterday, but I never got around to posting it.

"Every time I hear anything written about [the line], it's about how they are in disarray," Parcells said. "So, now we are going from disarray to jelling? Let me just say I think we are making some progress, but I think we have a ways to go there. We really do."

Parcells is funny, when he doesn't want to answer something, he always tells the press he doesn't read or listen to the news, so he "wouldn't know anything about it". But when it serves his purposes, he admits he does have some recognition of what's going on outside of his team. I love the Tuna, he's constantly playing the press for suckers.

Another piece of news that I hadn't realized from the same article.

Once Justin Beriault files his retirement papers, the Cowboys will be at the 75-man roster limit and will not have to cut anybody by Tuesday if they don't want to. But according to Parcells, they will anyway.

The Cowboys have cut more players earlier in camp because Parcells wants to work more with the players that will help him during the regular season.

Nick Eatman penned a love letter to Terry Glenn, who has been so good in the preseason it makes you forget about "the player" who has yet to play in the preseason.

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