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Parcells press conference 8/28/06

LeShaun Ward, Lenny Williams, Justin Beriault, J.R. Tolver, Tyler Fredrickson won't be on the roster this year.

Have not spoken with Terrell, don't have anything to discus with him. (He used his name)! Don't know if he's practicing. I won't discuss anybody's fines, we maintain consistent standards with everybody. Keep those in-house and don't announce that.

I don't know about his history, if he's been fined before. This conversation is going nowhere.

I spoke with Vanderjagt because he has been on the field and practicing, but he warmed up in New Orleans and pulled himself. San Fran game I waited for him to tell me, and he said it would be smarter for him not to kick. So we had a conversation.

The media is irrelevant to how I deal with "the player", I only do what is the best thing for the Dallas Cowboys. He hasn't been a problem. The other players need to worry about themselves, I'm sure they're observing, but players who've been with me before know the deal.

I don't know anything about what Deion did here (referring to playing but not practicing).

Offensive line not 100% set, Flozell still up in the air. I think Crayton will practice. Don't know if he will play Thursday.

I think I have more depth this year, I have people calling us for our people, people are interested in trading for a few of our players.

Jamaica Rector is really helping the WR situation with his performance. I'm pretty proud of him, he came in young and immature, inflated opinion of himself. Now he realizes he's in a battle, he has an asset in that he's quick, he has to use it. They're going to try and disrupt him, he needs to get stronger, he needs stamina, because it takes more for him to get in the pattern. I give him credit, he's very strong now. He's the only player besides Terry who has that juice. The others (WR's) are bigger, more methodical. Jamaica has the juice.

Need to see more in the return game from Skyler. I did give Jamaica one return last game.

After the game I told Ellis you've got to quit thinking. He tries to do everything by the numbers. He wants to impress the coaches. I've told him to quit that. He's not positive about the knowledge he's picked up, about what he's exactly supposed to do, and its slowed him down. He needs to go back to just playing football, quit worrying about his footwork, etc.

McQ is staying, he can't get thorugh to the practice squad now. They would be like panthers on him. Smart, big and strong, quickness, balance, strength. He's just inexperienced.

Colombo very good on running game and had no problem in pass protection. But it's easy when you can run the ball, it's harder when you have to line up and pass on every down. Then you find out about a player. I was conservativ e in the 2nd half agaisnt San Fran. My QB (Romo) got mad at me once we got to mid-field. I told him I don't trust the line, it's not that I don't trust you, I just don't want you to get killed.

Spears is doing OK.

Petitti is a swing-tackle. (Sounds like he's definitely out of the RT competition). I can only take 3 to the game and somebody has to swing. I haven't seen McQ swing yet. Fabini is not out of the mix yet, I could keep them all here.

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