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Parsing Parcells

I may make this a regular feature, in which I do my best to interpret what the Tuna is actually saying at the press conferences. Anyway, here's what I got out of today's press conference.

On Terrell Owens: Parcells isn't commenting on the question of fines or missed meetings; said he doesn't do that with any player. He's got a point here; I can't remember Parcells ever bringing something like that out in the public. Parcells knows if Owens is practicing or not, it's just easier for him to pretend he doesn't know for the press. He's making the "no practice, no play" rule his mantra, so the interesting moment will be when Owens doesn't practice next week then expects to play. Outside of that point, the rest of this is a worthless sideshow, and Parcells is being smart by avoiding it with the press.

On Mike Vanderjagt: Parcells spoke to him because he practices, but doesn't play in the preseason games. I expect Parcells told him to either kick this week, or don't practice this week. Bet money that Vanderjagt plays against Minnesota instead of deciding not to play at game time.

On Pat McQuistan: McQ is on the 53-man roster. Parcells said it. Now that he's played him against 1st teamers in preseason and McQ responded well, any thoughts of moving him to the practice squad are over, not only because of his performance, but other teams will have tape on him and would snatch him up.

On the tight ends: He's keeping only 4. So I have one question: Is Lousaka Polite a TE or a FB? That would clear up a lot.

On the right tackle: It looks like Colombo is going to be the starter. Parcells praised his performance against San Fran. Petitti is out of the competition, Parcells never said it exactly, but he did say Petitti is the swing-tackle, so that says it all. He also said Fabini is not out of the competition, that he might keep them all. Keeping 5 tackles is an expensive luxury, so Fabini looks to be the odd-man out.

On Skyler Green: Parcells needs to see more out of him in the return game. It sounds like the Minnesota game will be the determining factor. Green better show something or he could be out the door.

On trades: Parcells stated that many teams have been calling them about several of their players. You can count on a trade or two coming after the Minnesota game and before the final cut-down day on Sept. 2nd.

On Greg Ellis: Thinks that Ellis is starting to think too much, that he's trying to do everything by the numbers. Explained his progress this way: At first Ellis didn't know the position, so he was just being a football player. Now that he knows things about the position, he also knows that he doesn't know everything, so he's starting to think too much. Parcells wants him to concentrate less on technique (what foot goes where) and go back to being a football player.

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