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Did you guys hear about something involving T.O.?

OK, how do I know when the media has truly reached epic bone-head proportions? When I find myself actually agreeing with, and wanting to defend, Terrell Owens. I mean come on, he missed a meeting and a rehab session, and he should be taken to task for that transgression. But the amount of time spent on it by the local media today, and especially ESPN, would be comical is it wasn't so sad. How desperate is Jen Floyd Engel becoming to create a controversy out of nothing? She's trying so hard to get Parcells or Owens to say something that will make the other mad, just so she can satisfy her own hate of Owens. It's pitiful. Ed Werder, Joe Theismann and the other cast of clowns at ESPN have reached levels of stupidity previously only approached in Adam Sandler movies. (By the way, I like Sandler's movies, so no snarky comments needed, but his movies are supposed to be stupid).

Terrell stepped forward today and admitted he overslept and missed the meetings. He also sounded strangely contrite.

"I'm very positive about the situation," Owens said. "It's unfortunate I got fined. I apologize to my teammates."

I'm guessing he's positive about his hamstring healing? Whatever, the important part is he admitted it and apologized. But this was the most interesting thing he said, by far. Referring to the Parcells' "no practice, no play" rule:

Said Owens: "If that's one of his rules, I have to abide by it. I can't combat it. If that's his rule, that's his rule."

Bet money that Owens practices next week.

Owens and Parcells also said their relationship is fine and that the media is wrong to characterize it as strained.
"He hasn't been a problem at all," Parcells said of Owens.

Well that's not what I heard. JFE told me he's been a major problem and that we should cut him.

Said Owens: "A lot of this is basically a lot of nonsense. If I wasn't hurt, it wouldn't be a big deal. Injuries are part of football. I think it's unfair that I'm getting all this criticism because I'm hurt."

Actually, I agree with you, Terrell. Just don't miss any more meetings!

Jerry Jones is one angry dude. He didn't like the idea that someone leaked the info about the Owens fine.

"We don't get into any issues relative to meetings. We've never gotten into that publicly. I don't know how we got that information - or if it's valid information - I don't know how it got out anyway. They will not be around this damn place if I found out how any of that type information got out. I can tell you that. I don't care who it is. I'm upset about that because such things as fines, discipline, not making meetings...we have double handfuls of them every year."

After talking for several more minutes, Jones once again threatened to fire anyone from his organization associated with the leak.

"I promise if I find out how that type of information got out within the organization, the one responsible will not be in the Dallas Cowboys organization."

Where was Drew Henson when all this leaking was going on? ;-)

Peter King stands by his work, even if he sounds nutty doing it.

I think one of us, either Jerry Jones or me, is going to have egg on his face about Tony Romo taking the Cowboys quarterback job, by virtue of performance and not injury, from Drew Bledsoe some time this year. I said on NBC last week that the Cowboys would seriously consider such a move this season.
Jones responded by shooting my prediction full of holes on Dallas' KTCK radio: "We know those media that were, what, probably 4,000 miles away from California, really got it figured out.... [The Romo stories] are made up. They've got to fill airtime and so they talk about 'em and they create interest and there you were last night on Sunday Night Football, having that discussed and Terrell discussed. I like it and don't discourage it at all.... But it's so far away from any real meat or any real substance.''

All right, Jerry. You're on record. I'm on record. We'll see what happens. And by the way, maybe this is just what Bledsoe needed. Though New Orleans' defense is going to be terrible this year, and though San Francisco's defense was dead last in the NFL last year, Bledsoe, in four quarters against them in the last two weeks, is 24 of 33 for 356 yards with three touchdowns and no picks -- and, just as importantly, only one sack. Clearly he's going to start the season as the Dallas quarterback. We'll see how long it lasts.

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