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Vanderjagt kicks and Crayton practices

Sounds like the Parcells/Vanderjagt summit produced some immediate results.

Mike Vanderjagt's sore groin has progressed to the point where he thinks he'll be kicking in a game. Soon.

As in Thursday night's preseason finale.

"I think I'll be doing everything by then," Vanderjagt said.

Word from Vandy is that he attempted 71 FG's in practice yesterday and made 66, with three hitting the upright. 71 FG attempts in one day? That would be more than I saw him attempt in 2 weeks of training camp in Oxnard.

The other good news of the day was that #3 receiver Patrick Crayton returned to practice and is expected to play in the final preseason game.

Patrick Crayton practiced for the first time since suffering a high ankle sprain Aug. 12 at Seattle and expects to play in Thursday's preseason finale against Minnesota (7 p.m. CDT).

"I think it's real big to get some of that game-type speed. You can't really simulate the game-type speed in practice," Crayton said. "This game against Minnesota is going to help out a lot."

I'm asking for your guy's opinion. Should I continue to chronicle the absurd by pointing out the insanity of the local press in the Terrell Owens affair? For instance, we have this gem today from the DFW S-T, by far the leading contender for the "Hater of the Year" award.

Jim Reeves:

I want to know that he still has control of his football team; that he has his gnarly old heel on t.o.'s larynx; that in any battle of wills with any player, but especially this one, Big Bill's grip is as tight as it ever has been.

But I don't have that answer for you today.

I have the answer, there's no battle of wills, so why would Parcells need his "gnarly old heel" anywhere but on the ground. If you really want him to put his gnarly old heel somewhere, may I suggest your posterior. More from Reeves:
Let me rephrase that. I don't want to talk about him [T.O.] either. It's my job.

Cop out! There are plenty of other things to discuss, but it would take actual football knowledge instead of celebrity tabloid journalism, so you don't qualify.

On the other hand, Clarence Hill shows an even hand about the whole situation in his article.

Owens accepted responsibility for his actions Monday, smiling as he calmly and patiently answered question after question from the media.

"Really not an explanation, just overslept," Owens said. "I was late, you know, and those were the consequences of that. It was not something I purposely tried to do. It's something that I will try to make more of an effort, a better effort, to get here on time."

Hill is taking himself out of the "Hater of the Year" running, but he was far behind JFE and RG anyway.

I have to commend JJT also; he's done a good job of staying out of the gutter on this one. He asked Jason Witten for his opinion on the fine:

"When things happen like that [the fine], other teammates don't get involved," said tight end Jason Witten, "because it's really a none of your business kind of deal. If it was anybody else, you probably wouldn't hear about it."

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