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Predicting the Cowboys

Lots of predictions for the upcoming season, and the Boys end up in the playoffs in most. AP via Yahoo:

DALLAS COWBOYS (10-6, wild card)

Strengths: In his fourth season in charge, coach Bill Parcells finally has the pieces he wants. The defense is the division's best, led by LB DeMarcus Ware, a fine group of linemen, SS Roy Williams and CBs Terence Newman and Anthony Henry. Terry Glenn and, if he ever gets healthy, Terrell Owens will form a dynamic receiving duo. Jason Witten might be the NFC's best tight end.

Weaknesses: Drew Bledsoe must be given time to deliver the ball, and this offensive line is one of the weakest Parcells ever has coached. A return to form by LT Flozell Adams is a must. So is a better running game, although Julius Jones and Marion Barber III are capable of providing it.
Player to watch: It would be Owens if anyone was sure he will actually get on the field. Instead, go with Ware, who can be a spectacular pass rusher and is just learning how good he might be.

Why they will finish second: The T.O. factor will hurt just enough to slide behind New York, but into the playoffs.

Not bad, but the rating of the offensive line as one of the weakest Parcells has ever coached is laughable. Maybe the writer missed last year's edition. And the one before that and the get the idea. says we'll go 9-7 and secure a wild-card birth. Then we lose to the Bears on the first-round. No disrespect to the Bears, but until that offense actually scores some points, I'm not on their bandwagon. And what's up with SI predicting all four teams in the NFC East will go 9-7? That's really weird.

I saved the best for last, because the guy at The Sporting News almost gets it right.

Quite simply, this defense is the most complete unit in the division. Yes, they are better than Washington.

Bingo, he gets the prize.
Predicted Finish: 10-6, division champion. I would say 11-5, but with Owens' hamstring iffy and Mike Vanderjagt also banged up, I'll be a little more cautious. They have to at least split with Washington for this to happen -- and find a way to not lose all three road games in a row during a brutal mid-season stretch of Carolina, Washington and Arizona. That stretch is surrounded by home games with the Giants, Indianapolis and Tampa Bay.

Good points on the schedule, but he is still calling the Greg Ellis situation dicey, so he gets a deduction for that.

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