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Terrell Owens practices

(Hat tip to dstar442005 for posting this in his diary)

According to JJT over at the DMN blog:

...wide receiver Terrell Owens is practicing with the Cowboys this afternoon. Safe to say we might have more on this as the day develops. The Cowboys play Thursday night against Minnesota at Texas Stadium. No word on if this affects Owens' status for that game.

It's never a dull day at Valley Ranch. Let's see how this gets spun by the media outlets.

I can see it now, ESPN says: "Coach Parcells talked so lovingly about Terry Glenn today that Terrell Owens couldn't handle it and returned to practice to grab the spotlight back".

Or maybe it will be along the lines of "Terrell Owens, miffed by the lack of questions concerning him at today's press conference, decided to practice today, so he would dominate tomorrow's press conference."

Perhaps they will go with "Terrell Owens practiced today in a diabolical plot that includes not practicing tomorrow in order to further engage Coach Parcells in a battle of wills."

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