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McQ, Owens, Gurode and the 53-man roster

The guys over at have been busy this afternoon. Eatman loves him some McQ here and Spagnola contemplates the quantum physics of choosing a 53-man roster here. The thing about Mickey is that he raises all the right questions:

Nose tackle seems to be causing Parcells some consternation. He has Jason Ferguson and . . . well, he's not sure. At this point it's either Thomas Johnson, who made the team last year as a rookie free agent, or Montavious Stanley, but a sixth-round pick who is just learning the nose position. At this point, it would seem one or the other will make the team, but maybe neither if the Cowboys can swing a trade.

Safety at this point doesn't seem all that safe. You have Roy Williams and Keith Davis, for sure, and I'd bet a house payment on Pat Watkins, who has started the past two preseason games. But what to do with the fourth spot? Is it third-year guy Willie Pile, or does he roll the dice on Abram Elam, who would appear to have a bigger upside but keeping him would mean your two backup safeties are rookies?

Lastly, there are those five offensive tackles. This one is a hard call to make. Obviously Adams is one, and at the other end of the spectrum, McQuistan is two. After that, well, it's the Tackle Tre, Colombo-Petitti-Fabini. Two would stay for sure, but three? Or might the Cowboys go looking for another?

But Spags never answers the questions. Come on Mickey, take a stand and tell us who stays and who goes.

Rob Phillips fills us in a little more on the whole "Gurode is responsible for getting all the fatasses lined up after a long play" comment by Parcells in the press conference.

Parcells admitted Gurode wasn't the "last Mohican showing up" to the huddle. The culprit was right guard Marco Rivera, who confessed Tuesday.

"It was my fault," Rivera said with a grin. "I was the last one there. I blame it on the heat."

Rivera said Gurode, who started the first three preseason games, has become more confident since moving from guard to center prior to last season.

"He knows what he wants to do," Rivera said. "He directs the offensive line the right way and that's what a center is supposed to do."

And finally, Rob Phillips caps the evening off with an article on the return to practice of Terrell Owens.

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