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Cowboys article roundup

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JJT comes right out and says it, Rob Petitti or Jason Fabini are the ones who are on the block and one of them will probably either be traded or cut.

Marc Colombo appears to be the starter at right tackle and Flozell Adams at left tackle, when he's healthy. Pat McQuistan is on the team, and Parcells isn't sure whether he wants to cut Rob Petitti, an intelligent player who has physical limitations, or nine-year veteran Jason Fabini, who makes Parcells comfortable because he knows exactly what he'll give him.

I know a lot of people think that Parcells has some kind of attachment to Petitti, that he wants him to succeed after all the work they've put into him, but I don't buy it. The way Parcells has talked about him recently; I think his stock has dropped in Parcells' eyes. Yesterday he flat-out said that McQ has more ability than Petitti.

Vanderjagt get his own spread in USA Today, and he knows all about the Cowboys losing three games last year because of the kicker.

"I've got three games on my shoulders this year," Vanderjagt said early in training camp. "I'm supposed to turn it around."

Bill Parcells told you that?

"Yes, Bill told me that," Vanderjagt said. "(Cowboys owner) Jerry (Jones) told me. Everybody in the stands told me."

He must be referring to that conversation I had with Vandy at training camp. But will he kickoff?

Good old Jaime Aron, always writing solid articles about the Boys. He covers Owens and his return to practice here and covers the Parcells/Belichick friendship - which isn't so rocky anymore - here.

Sports Illustrated has a team scouting report on the Cowboys and while there is nothing new in there that the readers of this blog won't already know, it's pretty accurate and the writer actually did some research and has obviously been following the Boys in the preseason.

Came across this the other day but hadn't had time to post it. ESPN takes a shot at who our leaders will be and who the "glue" will be.

The Leaders
Drew Bledsoe: Veteran quarterback won't hesitate to get in a teammate's face (just ask Keyshawn Johnson).
Bradie James: Leader of the defense from the middle linebacker position.
The Glue
Jason Ferguson: Fun-loving prankster does the dirty work at nose tackle, earning respect from teammates.

Ferguson does do the dirty work, like farting at his teammates in position meetings.

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