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Terry Glenn is feeling the love

Good column by Clarence Hill on Terry Glenn. In yesterday's press conference Parcells spent close to 5 minutes talking about Glenn, leaving no doubt that Terry is one of his all-time favorite players. Glenn also sees the upside to Terrell Owens on the Cowboys offense, if he ever gets healthy.

Glenn's competitive nature should not be construed as jealousy or envy. He is thankful the Cowboys rewarded him with a raise and contract extension shortly after signing Owens to a three-year, $25 million contract in March. But his focus at this point in his career is winning first and foremost. His suspension in 2001 cost him a Super Bowl with the Patriots. He believes the Cowboys have a chance to go the Super Bowl with Owens this season.

"That's another reason why I was rooting for T.O. to come here because I know the attention he grabs," Glenn said. "That should help me get open, help Witten get open, help the running game get open. I look at him coming back here helping our while offense. We all complement each other."

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Don Banks at gives some national attention to a situation that we've been talking about for a couple of weeks.

Who knew the Cowboys were merely shoring up the No. 3 receiver slot on their depth chart when they signed Terrell Owens this offseason? You probably don't know the names, but the likes of Jamaica Rector, Sam Hurd, Patrick Crayton and Terrance Copper have all had their productive moments playing opposite lead receiver Terry Glenn this preseason. If Owens is ready for the Cowboys' opener against Jacksonville, he's likely to be used initially only on passing downs.

I don't know what that last sentence is all about, but the emergence of Hurd and Rector probably wouldn't have happened if Owens hadn't been hurt. Maybe Owens injury was really a Parcells driven plot to see what he had in the young kids. It's as good a theory as any other I've heard, except for the obvious one, Owens hamstring really is hurt.

Banks also thinks he's deciphered what ails the Redskins this offseason.

Maybe the most surprising story in the league this preseason has been the degree to which Washington has struggled, both offensively and defensively. Teams seem to be catching on to what the Redskins do schematically on defense. Washington assistant head coach/defense Gregg Williams likes to either blitz or play a cover-two formation, with very little man coverage employed. It's an aggressive but rather simplistic approach, and New England seemed to pick up Washington's blitzes without breaking a sweat in its 41-0 rout of the Redskins on Saturday night.

Washington is giving up 29 points per game this preseason, and the Jets and the Patriots ran the ball down the Redskins' throats for a combined 386 yards. That ain't going to cut it in the NFC East, where the Eagles, Giants and Cowboys all will run right at the Redskins until they prove they can stop them. Your move, Gregg Williams.


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