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Vikings @ Cowboys Open Thread (preseason)

Minnesota Vikings  @ Dallas Cowboys
Thursday, August 31st, 2006
8:00 EST, TV: Local stations; replay on NFL Network at 1 PM Friday
Irving, TX - Texas Stadium

Internet radio: The Ticket, WOAI or at

This is an open thread for real-time game chat.

What's up guys? You know the drill, sign-in so we know you're here and let's us know what your looking for tonight. Anybody who is lucky enough to be watching the game on TV should be kind enough to provide us details on big plays.

Update [2006-8-31 21:23:46 by Grizz]: A little adversity, anyone? The Vikings defense is quick and talented, and the Cowboys offensive line is struggling. The defense did well containing the Vikes for the most part, but Anthony Henry and Terence Newman got beat back-to-back for a Vikes TD. Dallas could only manage 3 points due to some nifty and creative work by Tony Romo.

Drew Beldsoe got his bell rung and Bradie James was out for something minor (according to the radio guys). They'll be lots of film for the offensive line to look at this week, I've already seen McQ and Colombo totally blow blocks. We're snapping the ball poorly, one over the head and another bobbled. Vike defenders are living in our backfield, just a sloppy piece of work by the offense. We have 12 yards in 12 carries.

Coach Parcells is not going to be happy, and maybe that's good. He'll stay on them this week. Here's hoping the 2nd team can turn it around and get something done.

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