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Cowboys tie Vikes in mistake filled game

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That was one ugly preseason game for the Dallas Cowboys. After looking like a machine for three weeks, the Cowboys broke-down on offense against a very active Vikings defense. The final score was 10-10, thanks to two missed FG's from Mike Vanderjagt. Drew Bledsoe threw an interception in the redzone, as did Tony Romo. But the story was the Cowboys offensive line getting jack-hammered by the Vikings front seven in the first half, and the running game ground to a full stop. Bill Parcells will have plenty of film to show those guys, who will have to re-group before heading to Jacksonville on Sept. 10th.

There were a couple of bright spots, Tony Romo was able to put together a few long drives, but he did throw a couple of INT's. Jamaica Rector, Sam Hurd and Terrance Copper all turned in fine performances. Tyson Thompson was able to bust off a few big runs, and Abram Elam was very active on defense.

Skyler Green did himself no favors tonight when he turned the ball over on a punt return. And I would be remiss not to report that Terrell Owens made his first catch.

All in all, a sloppy performance from Dallas, and plenty of ammunition for Bill Parcells this week.