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Dallas Cowboys training camp pictures, Part VII

These are pics from yesterday's afternoon practice and this morning's practice. Click the link at the bottom to see them all.

They include:

  • A request from a Swedish reader of BTB who wanted picutres of our Swedish NFLE LB Carl-Johan Bjork.
  • Pictures of Sammy T., who told me after practice this morning, in response to my question of why his hair wasn't cut like the other rookies: "I'm too pretty".
Oh yeah, forgot to tell you that I met Charlie Waters in the hotel lobby yesterday, but didn't have my camera with me for a picture. But I did shake his hand.

Here's a pic of everybody's favorite new Cowboy, FS Pat Watkins.

Here's Sammy T., who told me how to pronounce his last name but I won't even try to do it on here. He also said some of the guys call him "Sam I am".

Here he is again in full gear.

A couple of shots of Drew Bledsoe.

Terence Newman.

Anthony Henry.

Carl-Johan Bjork, our Swedish linebacker, as a special request by a BTB reader.

Our defensive line who is kicking tail in training camp so far.

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