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Gurode taking charge at center

Nick Eatman tells us that Andre Gurode is establishing himself as the starting center over Al Johnson so far this camp. Parcells really likes his strength at the position.

This is just a better fit for him," Parcells said. "He's doing well. I think this is the best I've seen Andre so far in my time here. I think I understand Andre pretty well now, and I think he understands me pretty well, so I can have pretty hard conversation with him at this point and he gets it. He's really trying to do what we are asking him to do."

And Parcells' main request so far is for Gurode to be more focused.

He mentioned the word "distractible" several times when referring to Gurode, who now understands the message.

"He wants me to concentrate on every single play," Gurode said. "I think maybe in the past, I've had some problems doing that for the whole game or practice. That's what I've been working on - paying a lot of attention to detail and just really trying stay on my game."

I think everyone can agree Gurode always had the physical ability to be an outstanding offensive linemen in this league. The problem with Andre has always been his mental breakdowns in games. Remember last season in the game against the Giants at the Meadowlands? He totally whiffed on a block which caused Bledsoe to fumble and the Giants to win the game. Those types of mistakes cannot be tolerated this season if he starts at center, although Parcells prefers to call them distractions.

But whatever the reason, Parcells said Gurode can't afford any distractions, especially while trying to anchor the middle of the offensive line.

"At his position, at what he does, that's very vital and I've told him that," Parcells said. "On the field I don't care if we're out here for five years. I want 100 percent focus from you for five hours. If you can't do it you won't be successful playing the position. If you keep him on the concentration track they are very good; as soon as they get off, they are not every good. But it's not mental with Andre."

However you want to classify it, if Gurode does indeed start, his focus or mental approach to the game must be much better than in recent years.

In other Cowboys news Parcells is looking to have more two a days, Flozell is struggling, Beriault is still out, and Parcells is pleased with progress of Tyler Thompson and Keylon Kincade.

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