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Cowboys walk-through

I just got back from the Cowboys walk-through this morning and not much of interest happened. Parcells had them out there in shorts and helmets and it wasn't quite a walk-through, it was mostly 11-on-11 run at half-speed. They also did some position drills and a little punt team walk-through.

The only items of signifigance were that Terrell Owens was not dressed for the walk-through, so it looks doubtful that he'll scrimmage. Also, they had Rob Petitti lined-up with the 1st team at LT, so I would expect he's going to get some action there in today's scrimmage. Today is about the hottest day yet in Oxanard with no cloud cover so they should get a good work-out in the scrimmage.

The scrimmage starts around 2 PM (PST) and I'll have a report posted once it's over.

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