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Cowboys article roundup

Here's a quick tour through Cowboy article-land. Also, I'm working on my review of training camp so far, a summary of my thoughts and opinions on what I've seen thus far. I should have it up sometime later this afternoon so stop back by and check it out. It may be an off-day for the players, but not for me.

Also, a big welcome to the guys coming over from other Cowboys message boards who've been reading my practice reports. I hope you'll sign up for a free account, make some comments on BTB, and continue to visit throughout the season.

A Terrell Owens interview will be airing on Dateline tonight, the show starts at 7 PM EST. Here's a transcript.

A short article on our draft class from last year at the DFW S-T.

Collectively, they were a top rookie class.

"Were we?" Cowboys second-year defensive end Chris Canty asked. "We were average. We were in a situation where we were forced to play. Coach expected excellence of us, and we fell well short of that."

Love it, Canty is not satisfied.

Jaime Aron, at the AP, who you guys know that I really respect as a writer, weighs in on the scrimmage.

The offense scored on seven of nine 10-play series and got close enough to try a field goal on another. It was a respectable showing considering coach Bill Parcells has said for days that the offense was lagging behind the defense.

Nick Eatman, who is one of the best at dishing out straight information on the Cowboys, gives his scrimmage review, here. He has a quote from Tony Sparano:

"I have no gut feeling one way or the other," Sparano said. "I think it was give and take on both sides of the ball. I think that's important for this type of scrimmage. When you've seen each other for 10 or 12 practices like we have, there should be give and take. And I think there was today. Those guys came out here and made some plays for us up front."

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