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Dallas Cowboys training camp pictures, Part VIII

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These are from Saturday's scrimmage. As always, click the link below to see them all.

This is the play where DeMarcus Ware bull-rushed Anthony Fasano into Bledsoe, knocking Bledsoe down for the sack.

Generic pic from the scrimmage.

Chris Canty and DeMarcus Ware get busy. Scary!

I have no idea what happened on this play. Everybody's moving and the ball is still in Gurode's hand.

Greg Ellis eyes Bledsoe like the lion in Madagascar eyed the zebra (and all those lemurs).

Marc Colombo and Marco Rivera are members of the "Keep Bledsoe Upright" campaign.

Drew Henson had a good day at the scrimmage.

Rivera, Petitti and McQ.

Bradie James and I believe Scott Shanle.

Patrick Crayton.

You guys know I love me some Sammy T!

Kyle Kosier, and a stunned Andre Gurode, who can't fathom Kosier is beating him in sprints.