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Dallas Cowboys training camp pictures, Part IX

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Pics from this morning's practice. Click the link below to see them all.

Sammy T. is no match for the gazelle known as Jason Ferguson.

Rob Petitti gives Julius Jones a run for his money during sprints. I'm sending this pic to Parcells, just so he'll crack on JJ in practice.

Speaking of Parcells. Look who's hanging out in the background, why it's Petitti and Jones again.

In my practice report, Parcells was questioning whether Sam Hurd called time out in the hurry-up drill. Here's the photo eveidence. Is that Sam about to make the time-out signal with hands?

Captain Caveman and Paul Pasqualoni.

Mickey Spagnola and FOX's Curt Menefee.

JJT and, maybe Todd Archer?