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T.O. says he won't play in preseason opener

Looks like T.O. is going to rest his hamstring another week by stating he will not play in the Cowboys preseason opener against the Seattle Seahawks this Saturday in Seattle. Apparently, T.O. never had a hamstring injury and is being overly cautious not to do further damage.

 Although an MRI taken Saturday showed no damage, Owens isn't taking any chances. He's having his healing-inducing hyperbaric chamber shipped to his training camp hotel room. Two trainers and a doctor from Atlanta are on their way, too.

"It's just a little sore," Owens said. "It's different. I've never really had it before so I don't know. I'm not worried about it; there's just no point right now. If I tried to really open it up, I may hurt it more, so we'll just see. It'll be OK."

I think this a good move by both T.O. and the Cowboys. Sure he needs to develop some chemistry and timing with Bledsoe, but hamstring injuries can really linger if you're not careful with them. The timing between T.O. and Bledsoe can wait, we need T.O. at full strength to start the season.

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