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Ayodele getting adjusted to being inside 'backer

JJT of DMN tells us that Akin Ayodele's adjustment to moving from 4-3 OLB to 3-4 ILB will hold the key to our defense this season. So far in camp, he's making good prgress.

I'm getting a pretty good feel for it, but it's different," Ayodele said. "The way you see things unfold within the play are different, and guys are coming at you from different angles.

"I've had to spend a lot of time studying film and understanding what my keys are on certain plays because one false step and it's over - I'm out of the play. The key, for me, is getting a good pre-snap read."

Obviously Ayodele will also have to fight off 300 pound plus offensive guards as well, something he never had to do playing a 4-3 OLB.

It's all about leverage and getting good pad level and delivering the blow," Ayodele said. "You don't want to absorb too many blows from those big guys. I've always been naturally strong. But being blocked by guys so much bigger, you have to play with perfect technique."

In Grizz's analysis of our defense, he's not quite sure where Marcus Coleman stands since he's been working with the 3rd team a lot. Well, Calvin Watkins of DMN seems to know the answer.

 In practice, rookie Patrick Watkins and Davis receive most of the reps. Watkins is being given the opportunity to learn the defense while picking up tips from Coleman and Davis, who are used to playing in a 3-4 scheme.

For Coleman, it's no big deal not getting plenty of reps or playing multiple positions because he's done it throughout his career.

 "Marcus is a veteran player, so I feel I can mess with Marcus the way I want to," Parcells said. "I can put him at corner some, put him at safety some, and I don't think he's going to be all uptight about any of that."

I guess Parcells knows what Coleman can do and is letting other guys take some reps. I take it from this article he's pretty much a lock to make the team. What do you guys think?

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