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Glenn and Peterman are back, Boiman injured

The (sub req) has reported that WR Terry Glenn and OG Stephen Peterman will practice Tuesday afternoon with the team and as Grizz reported earlier, LB Rocky Boiman fractured his thumb and will be out of commission for at least 10 days.

Cowboy article roundup

Mike Fisher gives his impressions of some of the Cowboys offensive players. talks about the need for our young studs, namely Newman, James, Witten and Williams to step and take command of the team from a leadership standpoint as they are the future of the team.

Todd Archer of DMN writes about our 2 TE formation and how it will cause problems for opposing defenses. I love the quote by Parcells in the article.

Nowadays in pro football, defending the Antonio Gateses and Jason Wittens of this world is a more difficult job than defending the third wide receiver on most teams," Parcells said. "If you put your third wide receiver in there, you know who covers him on our team? Terence Newman, so lots of luck."

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