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Parcells to play young guys against Seattle

The Cowboys are using the preseason opener against the defending NFC champs on Saturday to evaluate some of the younger guys. Parcells wants to see how some of these rookies and second year guys respond to live opposition when the bullets firing will be live.

"I'm going to try to get a couple players, the guys I really want to see, as much as two-and-a-half quarters in this game," Parcells said. "And that's going to be at the expense of some other people."

Parcells on Wednesday reeled off a long list of players who will receive extensive playing time against the Seahawks. Aside from drafted rookies like linebacker Bobby Carpenter, tight end Anthony Fasano, defensive end Jason Hatcher and safety Pat Watkins, Parcells also wants to take a long look at first- and second-year guys like tight end Tony Curtis, Lousaka Polite and Tyson Thompson.

"I think I could maybe afford to do that the first couple of preseason games, then after that I don't think I'll be afforded that luxury again," Parcells said. "So I want to do it now and make sure I get it on tape and look at it and evaluate it."

Personally, I'm looking forward to seeing how well Watkins plays. If he makes some plays in the preseason games, he just might get the starting nod by opening day.

Mickey Spags is busy at camp cranking out the articles. Today he writes about the struggles of Mike Vanderjagt.

As most of you know, Vandy hasn't exactly been nailing his attempts so far in camp. However, the "idiot" kicker says not to worry.

"We still have a month to go, so I'm not concerned," said Vanderjagt, and honestly, there is something to that for sure. "I'm not too concerned with makes and misses now.

"I haven't pushed the panic button yet. I'm notoriously bad in practice. I'm notoriously bad in preseason games. I'm notoriously a slow starter."

How comforting.

You know, Vanderjagt is starting to worry me a little. The rumor is he's been having groin problems the past few years while kicking for the Colts, which is why they weren't having him kick off. It looks as though that will have to continue with us and cost Parcells a roster spot for a kickoff specialist.

As Spags put it, how comforting.

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