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Cowboys training camp practice #17

Wednesday Aug. 9th (5-7 PM practice)

Coach Parcells gave the players a break today by having them practice in shorts and helmets, no shoulder pads. But he did make them run quite a bit in the practice. None of the personnel changed from the earlier report on this morning's practice.

There was some good news as Marcus Spears was running full sprints for 30 or 40 yards so he definitely looks like he'll be back at practice sometime soon.

Also, there was a new receiver in camp wearing #15 and when I asked one of the Cowboys managers his name he said his name was LaShawn Woods but he acted like he wasn't sure. I wonder if it was Reshaun Woods? I also asked Terence Newman but he shrugged his shoulders and said "I don't know".
Update [2006-8-9 23:26:46 by Grizz]: I just found out it was Lashaun Ward.

They started practice with the hands-team on kickoffs and they lined up across the front with Henry, Williams, Fowler, Burnett, Copper and Witten. Behind them were Fasano and Ware with Julius in the middle and A. Glenn behind him. If you count, that's only 10 guys because Terry Glenn was late getting out to practice and he was supposed to be the 11th.

They ran some formation drills with the defense in the nickel which lined up with Ellis, P. Johnson, Ratliff and Ware with their hands down, Burnett and James were the LBers, and Glenn, Newman and Henry playing CB, with Williams and Watkins at safety.

They ran some 1-on-1 WR vs. CB drills with Bledsoe and Romo making the passes. Caryton made a good grab against Butler, Copper slipped on a throw while covered by Henry, and Rector made a nice catch on a bomb beating Newman. A pass to Tolver was overthrown, Green couldn't pull in a pass a little behind with Glenn covering, and Hurd caught one on the sidelines against Lenny Williams. Austin made a great one-handed catch on a stop route against Henry, Crayton beat Butler on a double-move for a catch, and Copper caught an out against L. Williams. Tovler caught a come-back pass against L. Williams, Skyler dropped an out pattern while covered by Nate Jones, Henry recovered to knock a ball away from Hurd and Austin caught a slant against Reeves. Terry Glenn didn't participate in the drill or much of practice at all.

They did 11-on-11 with all runs but without pads so there was no blocking; it's not even worth going over that drill. Next they ran some 7-on-7; Bledsoe started with a pass to Hurd, but Hurd slipped to the ground. Parcells then screamed out at the whole team, "Get some shoes that work, all of you guys are falling on your ass everyday." Rector caught a pass from Bledsoe, Crayton caught a short hook pattern, and Fasano shook Ware loose for a nice catch for good yardage.

Romo threw a dump-off to Summers, then threw one high to Tolver. Parcells chastised him that he has to make that throw. He then overthrew Skyler Green and threw one high that Losaka couldn't grab.

Henson overthrew Skyler on an out pattern, threw an incompletion intended for Tolver, then hit Hannam on a short pass. Baker came in and connected with Fasano on a deep post.

They did some 11-on-11 hurry-up offense with the QB calling plays at the line. Bledsoe threw a dump pass to Crayton, then Thompson ran off tackle. Bledsoe threw a little high to Witten on a deep seam pattern but Witten got his hands on it and should've caught it, but he didn't. Bledsoe then connected with Sam Hurd who got tripped by Keith Davis but still held on to the ball.

Romo threw short to Rector over the middle, had one sail high over Copper's head, hit Copper in the flats on a blitz from the defense, then Tolver dropped a pass.

Henson mainly did running plays with three hand-offs to JJ, but he did hit Hannam on a crossing pattern and dumped one off to JJ.

Next up they ran a few punt drills and then ran some actual punts. They followed that with practicing kneel-downs. Parcells practices almost every situation you can think of during the course of training camp.

They went back to 11-on-11 and Bledsoe hit Witten in the flats, connected with Hurd, and ran a few running plays which are boring without pads, or at least shoulder pads.

Romo came on and tried to run a screen to Thompson but it never got formed well. Curtis caught a short pass, he threw long to Rector but Rector didn't get his head around in time and it was incomplete. Burnett got a free rush on the next play as the protection scheme broke down.

Henson hit Lousaka in the flats, had an overthrow deep, then overthrew Skyler and finished with a WR screen to Skyler.

They continued with 11-on-11 but this time in the redzone. Bledsoe hit Fasano over the middle, Thompson ran the ball, then Hurd beat A, Glenn for a TD in the back of the endzone. Romo threw a pass to Copper but he dropped it, then threw one that was behind Curtis, then tried a run off of a bootleg. Henson tried to throw it out of the endzone because of good coverage, but didn't get enough on it and M. Coleman almost intercepted it. Kincade ran a draw then Henson threw an incompletion.

They finished practice with another series of 11-on-11. Bledsoe had Rector deep behind the secondary but overthrew him. They were running a nickel (maybe dime) defense with Coleman and Watkins playing safety, and Parcells was so mad that Rector got behind the safeties he screamed out across the field, "Wake up back there 25, wake up Coleman". On the next play Crayton made a spectacular one-hand over-the-shoulder grab but was ruled out-of-bounds. The final play for Bledsoe was a sack.

Romo got out there, but the 2nd team defense had some personnel issues, so Parcells kicked them off the field and made them run to the fence while they called out a new defensive unit. Romo then hit JJ on a crossing pattern, had to throw it away because of good coverage, tried to hit Copper while rolling-out but L. Williams batted it down, and finished by having Butler deflect a ball on the other side of the field.

Henson ran a draw to Kincade which Singleton snuffed out, threw a bullet to Curtis, connected with Hurd on a catch and then hit Crayton in the flats to end practice.

I've got to give a special shout-out to a couple of Cowboys fans named Biffle and Gobble who hung out with me during practice and were kind enough to give me a lift home to the hotel. They were a couple of Cowboy Crazies out of the Lone Star Sate and were fun to chat with during practice. Thanks Biffle and Gobble!

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