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Roger Goodell is NFL's new commissioner

NFL owners have selected Roger Goodell as the league's next commissioner. Goodell was Paul Tagliabue's long time assistant and plans on picking up where Tagliabue left off.

 Favored for months to win the job, Goodell was the unanimous choice on the owners' fifth ballot, and said he expects to begin serving a five-year contract before the regular season starts.

"I spent my life following my passion," said Goodell, who becomes the league's fourth commissioner since 1946. "The game of football is the most important thing. You can never forget that.  

I think Goodell was a good selection as commissioner as he learned the ropes working under Tagliabue as the league's chief operating officer since 2000. Hopefully he will be able to continue the labor peace that was prevalent under Tagliabue's watch.

JJT talks about the importance of our defense creating more negative plays this season. Taylor implies that Parcells has been holding Zimmer back from implementing more zone blitzes and stunts because of the risk of giving up big plays. However, this defense is loaded with a lot of talent and it's time Parcells turns them loose.

 Dallas rarely used defensive line stunts or zone blitzes either season. Parcells and defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer don't like stunts and zone blitzes, in general, because they give the offense an opportunity to make a big play should it avoid the pressure.

"I'd love to just sit there and be good enough to stop the other team," Zimmer said. "It creates a lot of problems for the offense when you do that, and it helps your team because there's no confusion. They know exactly what they're doing.

"But the bottom line is we need to create some more negative plays and turnovers on defense if we're going to be a really good team this season."

Philly fans just can't let T.O. go, the obsession continues, check this out

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