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Waiting on the roster cuts

Now we wait. The preseason games are all safely tucked away, and the first game is still 9 days away. But today and tomorrow are going to be a wait-and-watch scenario as we anticipate the roster cuts. The Cowboys need to be down to a 53-man roster by Saturday at 4 PM (EST). Besides cuts, I'm hoping we have a trade or two up our sleeves, for players like Kenyon Coleman, or possibly Ryan Fowler, maybe Rob Petitti or Jason Fabini, or whoever else it may be. The Cowboys' brain-trust has done a good job of picking up extra draft picks for guys who weren't going to be on the roster, let's hope they can get a few more.

Speaking of roster moves, the Cowboys are working on extending Bradie James:

Owner Jerry Jones said the team remains in contract negotiations with linebacker Bradie James, but he doesn't know a time frame on when an extension will be complete.

Good, get him locked up at a reasonable price.

The decision has been made - it was pretty obvious anyway - that we're going into the season with only two QB's on the roster.

He [Jerry Jones] also said the Cowboys will go with two quarterbacks on the roster to start the season to open an additional roster spot, but not necessarily for a kickoff specialist. Rookie quarterback Matt Baker will likely be moved to the practice squad.

In that mistake-filled fiasco that was a game last night, there was one guy who had a really good game. Tyson Thompson:
Irving native Tyson Thompson left no doubt he will return kickoffs this season. Thompson, a running back, averaged 39.5 yards on two returns, including a 46-yard effort. Thompson caught a 2-yard touchdown pass and had 56 yards rushing.

Nice job TT.