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That was one strange game. Dallas had 521 yards of offense, but only scored 10 points. We turned the ball over 4 times and got none from the Vikings, yet we didn't lose the game. The most accurate kicker in the game botched two FG's (32, 33 yards), in overtime. We had two botched snaps; one got our QB's bell rung, the other turned into along completion. Our #1 receiver finally played, and caught 1 pass for 6 yds; while three backup WR's combined for 266 yards. In the first half Drew Bledsoe - the statuesque one - had more rushing yards than Julius Jones.

The Cowboys rumbled, stumbled, fumbled and bumbled its way into an overtime tie. If Bill Parcells would've gone for two with 17 seconds left in the 4th quarter, win or lose, we would've been spared the disaster that was Vanderjagt in overtime. Then again, maybe it was better to know now where he stands, instead of finding out in Jacksonville. Speaking of learning a thing or two, we learned that our offensive line is still a work in progress, no matter how good they've looked in the previous games. But in another example of how bizarre this game was, as bad as our line blocked in the running game, we didn't give up a sack and Tony Romo had time - though some of it was created by his legs - to throw for 349 yards in the passing game.

I haven't been able to watch the game yet, so I don't know who played badly on the offensive line. I'll find out more about that tomorrow when I watch the replay, but I got a feeling it's not going to be pretty.

The DFW S-T has some details on Vanderjagt and Owens, the two big free agents.

Signed to a three-year, $5.4 million deal in the off-season to solve their kicking problems, Vanderjagt has been hurt for much of the preseason and inconsistent when he has kicked in practice. He played Thursday after missing the past two games with a strained groin. After making a 22-yarder in the first half, Vanderjagt was the goat in overtime, missing potential game winning attempts of 33 and 32 yards.

The question now is what's Vanderjagt's status for next week. Cowboys coach Bill Parcells has not been impressed.

"I don't know," Parcells said. "I haven't seen much. I am going to have to think it over. We had two point blank field goals to win the game and we missed those."

I know everybody's mad, and some of you guys want to cut him, but slow down a little bit. He hasn't missed in the regular season yet, and it's hard to imagine he'll ever have a game like that again. I will admit, though, I'm a little nervous about the kicking going into the season, which I thought was a thing of the past when we singed Vandy.

Meanwhile, Owens got the main thing accomplished tonight, getting back on the field and remaining injury-free.

When the Cowboys took the field again with 3:07 left in the half, they made a point to get the ball to Owens.

He was the primary receiver on a quick out from Romo that gained 6 yards.

Credit the Vikings' concentration on Owens for a 21-yard completion to tight end Jason Witten a few plays later.

But Owens saw only one more pass come in his direction. On second and goal from the 4-yard line, Romo threw high and wide to Owens on the right side of the end zone.

It would've been a nice story if he and Romo had connected on that TD attempt, but I'll take the catch and no relapse of the hamstring injury.

You can read the ESPN recap, here.

Here are some stats:

T. Romo 30/45 349 yds.

T. Thompson 10/56 yds.
M. Barber III 7/37 yds.
T. Romo 2/7 yds.
D. Bledsoe 2/4 yds.
K. Kincade 2/10 yds.
J. Jones 8/-2 yds.

S. Hurd 6/110 yds.
J. Rector 8/93 yds.
T. Copper 3/63 yds.
J. Witten 3/39 yds.
P. Crayton 4/35 yds.