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Cowboys article roundup

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Cowboys Huddle is on channel 710 if you have Sunday Ticket.

News flash: Jerry Jones is desperate to win. What a scoop! Not.

But Jones said the low point came at the end of last season, when the Cowboys finished 9-7, missed the playoffs and finished the season with a rock-bottom 20-10 loss to the St. Louis Rams. After a surprising 10-6 season in Parcells' first year, the Cowboys were home for the holidays for the second consecutive year following a 6-10 mark in 2004.

Rick Gosselin says don't worry about Bobby Carpenter.

Back in 2003, I remember all of Pittsburgh complaining about first-round draft pick Troy Polamalu. He didn't start a single game as a rookie and played sparingly on defense, spending most of his fall covering kicks on special teams. He became not only a starter but a Pro Bowler in his second season in 2004. By 2005, he had become the NFL prototype at his position. Polamalu wasn't a bust. And Carpenter won't be one, either. If you can star at Ohio State, you can become a star in the NFL. I trust Ohio State's history of producing great NFL players.

I went with the Bradie James analogy, LB to LB. Gosselin goes with 1st round pick vs. 1st round pick. Either way, the message is the same, calling Carpenter a bust or anything along those lines this early is just foolish.

Obligatory Terrell Owens story at the DMN. But Greg Ellis goes to the heart of the matter.

"Everybody is on board with T.O. being here, and I'm glad, because if there were guys on the team that didn't want him here, that would be a problem," linebacker Greg Ellis said. "Fans, everybody else ... that's OK for them to think that way. If he handles his business and catches two, three touchdowns every other game, they'll say it's the best decision Jerry [Jones] and Bill made."