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Dallas blows early lead, loses to Jax 24-17

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The Dallas Cowboys raced out to a quick 10-0 lead over the Jacksonville Jaguars, only to lose the game with poor quarterbacking play and a pourous secondary. Drew Bledsoe didn't play like the QB who will lead Dallas to the promised land, throwing 3 INT's with two crucial ones that lead to 14 Jacksonville points. Bledsoe ended up going 16 of 33 for 246 yards with one late TD to Terrell Owens, but the Cowboys couldn't overcome his turnovers.

The Dallas secondary was shredded by Byron Leftwich who went 23 of 34 for 237 yards, that's a 67.6% completion percentage. Leftwich completed one TD and had one interception, and drove the Jaguars down the field when his team needed it most. The vaunted Dallas secondary didn't play up to form with Anthony Henry getting beat repeatedly and Terence Newman also gave up some big plays.

The Dallas offensive line started out playing well, but as the night wore on the Jaguars defense started to pressure Bledsoe. Flozell Adams looked like he hasn't regained his stamina as he was beaten by for a sack and allowed pressure on Bledsoe on several plays. He was also called for holding and an illegal motion penalty. In all, Dallas committed 9 penalties for 93 yards and had a TD called back for offensive pass interference.

Only the run defense played well tonight, holding the Jaguars to 78 net rushing yards. The pass rush wasn't a factor, only getting one sack and allowing Leftwich ample time to pick apart the secondary. Even Bill Parcells needs to take some blame for conservative play calling in the redzone and not calling for more blitzes to generate pressure on Leftwich.

Shaun Suisham, in a fitting image for the game, missed a FG, and it was 2005 all over again.

I haven't reviewed the game tape yet, I'll try to get to that tomorrow, and I'll better be able to dissect the many failings of the Dallas Cowboys in this game.