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Teaser for tomorrow

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I finished reviewing the game tape, but won't have the full write up available until tomorrow. But I decided to give you a few teasers.

  1. I wouldn't be surprised if Jason Fabini is starting next week at right tackle. Marc Colombo had an awful night, leading to many of the Cowboys' problems.
  2. Marco Rivera wasn't as bad, but he had his problems. Could Cory Procter start pushing him for the job?
  3. Flozell Adams had a bad game, especially in the second half.
  4. If you wanted to know Parcells' secret plan for Al Johnson, I can reveal it now. They lined him up in the TE spot on a few plays, with mixed results.
  5. Drew Bledsoe had a bad night, that much is true. But he was given a lot of help, I'll have the details tomorrow.
  6. Our front three on defense played well, especially Jason Ferguson.
I'll break it all down for you tomorrow.