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Parcells press conference 9/11/06

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Parcells was either trying to protect his offensive line, or I just graded them harsher and didn't consider the level of the Jags defensive line in my evaluations. When asked about the line play, he said they played OK, fair, not an inordinate amount of pressure. But he always qualified it with how good the Jags line was. I think he was being kind, but I could be wrong.

Left a lot of yards on the field, 100 yds from penalties, that translates to 7 points. That's disappointing and we lost the turnover battle. Probably should've played more conservatively there, maybe not take a chance at the end of the first half. Those are the things I 2nd guess.

Bledsoe? We can't afford turnovers in our end. Those kinds of things are the difference between winning and losing. He didn't get an inordinate amount of pressure, relative to how good the Jax pass rush can be, but he was pressed a few times.

Jamaica Rector has a slight ankle sprain.

No thought of playing Tony Romo, not a legitimate questions at this point.

2nd INT wasn't just Drew, the throw was into the sidleines and that brings the corner into play, but he needs to see that. But other players should've cleared that zone out.

Not thinking about Romo right now, just trying to fix mistakes on the team. Several positions didn't play well, not just QB. I'm trying to correct those mistakes.

Bledsoe executed early, but series 3,4 and 5 we missed some throws. Bledsoe had some help in that regard (mistakes), I'm not singling them out.

Have to see how Vandy is this week. Suisham kicked off well but missed the FG and was bad on the onside kick. Jax were 10 yards behind the average starting position on kickoffs, so that was good. I haven't seen enough of Vandy to play him Sunday. Maybe that will change this week.

There's a chance I would bring two kickers on Sunday, but I don't want to.

Terrell was pretty good. Not going to get into who did what, but overall he was pretty good.

We stopped ourselves on offense. We moved the ball well in the 3rd quarter. TD called back, 25 yard gain negated, motion penalty pushed us back.

Disappointed we couldn't hold them to FG's. Bad plays near the end of the first half. The big turning point was them getting the TD at the half. Tied it up 10-10. We tried to respond in the 3rd quarter, that was our best running series in the game.

Size of the WR's was little bit of a factor, but we didn't cover well.

I thought I had seen enough from Flozell last week. I'm hoping things get better, certainly it needs to get better. I have to see improvement from Flozell this week. I don't think it was conditioning.

McBriar had one of the great punts you'll see in football, 66 yards net that doesn't roll. That was a pretty good play for us. That is a plus for us. But he missed inside the 20, and our gunner missed the assignment.

Watkins did OK, for his first time, only one mental error, 5 to 6 tackles. Played him too much on special teams and defense. We didn't use him full time of defense, but the combination was too much, but I'm pretty happy.

The weather wasn't a factor.

Veterans made mistakes and that is disappointing. Veteran players should be mopre consistent. But they made misjudegements too, but you try to keep it down. That (last week) is over now, I just finished with the special teams trying to fix their problems.

That drive in the 3rd quarter was a good drive. Thought the call on Witten was OK. I thought the officials were OK. I made a bad judgement on the red flag. I thought the clock was still running under 5 minutes, when it was supposed to stop. That was my mistake.

Changing QB's shouldn't be a consideration. Bledsoe's starting next Sunday. I was getting Romo ready to play in the preseason and I hope to play him sometime this year. I don't know when or where, or under what circumstances. The time for Romo is not now.

I think Bledsoe will react to yesterday well, but there's a lot (of blame) to go around today.

Colombo? (long pause) Not bad, some mistakes here and there, but overall I was OK.

Overall the line, considering what they were up against, played fair. There are a position or two that need to get better. The runners didn't trust the play long enough and cut too quick on some plays. They need to wait for the OL to get off one block and on to another.

We got beat on a number of things not just jump balls by the Jax WR's. Beat outside and inside.

We didn't get an inordinate amount of pressure. We got pushed back in the pocket on a couple of plays, Bledsoe got flushed out of the pockert when Glenn was wide open.

Watkins got hit on the elbow so we brought Davis in for a little bit.

There will be some different actives vs. inactives this week. Probably 2 or 3 spots.