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New DCFanatic Radio Show plus other stuff

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The new DC Fanatic radio broadcast for this week is up, it's a post-game show for the Jags game. I've set it up to auto-play when you open this diary, once it buffers you should start hearing the broadcast, so adjust your sound/speakers accordingly. In this show I talk about Drew Bledsoe, Bill Parcells, plus a lot more.

Here's a humorous take on Bill Parcells' press conferences for this week.

Oh no, Emmitt makes his debut on Dancing With The Stars tonight on ABC (8 PM EST)

Everybody's on Bledsoe's case. Don Banks at

We've seen it before and we'll see it again (but maybe not as much with Tony Romo waiting in the wings). Make Drew Bledsoe move around a bit in the pocket and he becomes a horrible decision-maker. It was Bledsoe who got the Cowboys beat with those three picks in Jacksonville on Sunday. In a game Dallas dominated in the first half, he sucked the momentum right out of the Cowboys. Terrell Owens can't be the difference-maker in Dallas if Bledsoe doesn't keep his team in the game.

Arash Markazi:

Bledsoe is still better than most quarterbacks in the league, but he isn't the right quarterback for the Cowboys this season. And it's becoming increasingly clear that it's only a matter of time before that job goes to Tony Romo.