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Parcells press conference 9/13/06

Jamaica Rector is questionable, but he practiced.

Flozell practiced full today, should be ready to play. I didn't have much concern going into the season except that he didn't play a lot in preseason.

The team looked normal in practice today.

Won't try to do more things with Terrell this week. People are not going to let him run loose, they are going to try and stop them. You can eliminate a player but you leave other things open. I don't think they will double him every time, but they will some of the time.

Haven't heard anything contrary to 100% health for Vandy. I need to see his performance in practice before I decide what to do. I don't think we'll take two kickers on Sunday. It's not a good thing to do. We're low on offensive players as it is. I need 22 defensive players so I can rotate some players which I think we need.

Barndon Lloyd had a good year last year in SF. Antwaan Randle El is a good 3rd receiver, a good special teams return guy, a good utility player, is very versatile. He's an excellent player.

These guys are quick and fast. Moss and Randle El are fast, Lloyd is more linear. Thrash is a good player, too. He keeps hanging on in this league.

The roots of Gibbs and Saunders offense grow from the old Chargers/Don Coryell offense. We see a lot of similiarities to the Kansas City offense.

I don't have to remind the secondary about last year's game. People write about it every week. If your competitive you will try to do something about it.

I have high respect for Gibbs. We've been at it for a long time. Other than that, it's just a gme next Sunday.

I don't think Bledsoe suffers from a confidence problem.

The Redskins defense hasn't changed for a period of time. The origination of this is the Buddy Ryan system. The only thing that is a departure is that they occasionally got to a 3-4 defense. I would term them as a heavy pressure team.

Both teams need to get a win, the longer you go without winning the more problems it causes for a team's confidence. It's a division game which is more important than the AFC game we played last week.

You always try to keep you team on an urgent level. We were ready to start that game last week, we just need to sustain our exectution longer this week.

Not sure if Carpenter will play. He would have to play on four special teams if he's going to the game. He's like any young player, he's learning that special teams are important and he didn't have that experience at Ohio State. Special teams is a lot of techniqwue work, it's a transition, the games faster, the players on special teams are better, you have to have your techniques refined.

Carpenter is getting better on the inside.

I wouldn't say too much of the interceptions were the line's fault. I should've been more conservative before the half. I'll take the responsibility of pressing there. On the road you want to score, so I was probably over-agressive.

The bye week doesn't factor into the Vandy decision. He doesn't need more rest, he's been resting all summer, it's time to kick now. The kicking game hasn't gone like I wanted but I'm not ready to abandon hope yet. I just hope he can return to form.

Al Johnson was fair at the TE.

I put emphasis on penalties every week. We certainly had untimely penalties and some lack of concentration penalties. I don't know what other way to teach guys to stand still before the snap. We had a couple of defensive penalties. Defensive penalties more than not lead to scores. The Redskins had two penalties on the last drive and gave up a score and they lost. Pretty soon, the perpetrators sometimes have to be altered. Sorta like benching somebody.

Jax had some good exectution, Leftwich had some good throws. Henry and Newman didn't make enough plays.

I'm not totally satisfied by what I saw today. Today was an important preparation day. So now I have to decide how to alter the schedule the rest of the week.