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T.O. doesn't take the bait

Terrell Owens is displaying some of those lessons learned that he talked about when he signed with Dallas. The media wanted his opinion on the Bledsoe vs. Romo debate:

"I am not going there," Owens said. "If I change to defensive end, then we can talk quarterbacks. Other than that, quarterback questions are off limits."

Smart move Terrell.
Owens, trying to learn from his past entanglements, wanted no part of the quarterback talk.

He said he supports Bledsoe and is confident the 14-year veteran will bounce back with a big game against Washington after Sunday's performance, when he was intercepted three times against Jacksonville.

"At this point, he knows himself that he needs to play better," Owens said. "Everybody on offense needs to play better. He is a standup guy. He is very accountable toward his performance."

Premature reports from guys like Adam Schefter had Owens "mad" at his teammates as shown by the camera following Owens during the Jaguars game. Once again, sorry journalism reared its ugly head. This is what Bledsoe had to say about Owens during the game.
"He [Owens] gave me good information the whole game long," Bledsoe said. "We talked about different situations, and he was right on. That communication was good."

"The thing that I ask of him, like all my receivers: Give me good information, and I'll find you."

Good Drew, find him instead of the opposing defense is all we ask. Owens thinks Sunday night will be special.
"Stay tuned to the game," Owens said Wednesday. "I'm going to try to bring some excitement to Texas Stadium. I think with this offense, it could be electrifying."

Meanwhile, one Cowboy is not taking the criticism from last week in stride. Flozell Adams has this to say:
"I don't give a [expletive] what people think," Adams, 31, said after practice Wednesday afternoon. "As long as the coaches know, my teammates know and the guys I play against know what I can do, that's all that matters."

Ouch, Flo is a little thin skinned for an NFL player. Criticism comes with the territory, so silence us by playing a decent game this week. It's not what you can do, it's what you do, do. And last week, you played like doo-doo.